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Cisco Training Courses Have Become the Most Valued and Reputable Among all IT Training Programs Ever

autor: Camille Leroux

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Voice over Internet Protocol and Cisco Training Certificate Promise Exciting Careers for IT Professionals

The present-day business and cultural environment of our modern civilization is not possible to imagine without rapid, affordable and reliable means of communications. There is no denying the fact that without modern communication systems the world, which we have used to live in, would seize to exist altogether. Just picture yourself your life without a mobile or stationary phones, Internet, radio or telegraph and any other indispensible communication systems, which make it possible to function for modern industry, business, police and military, for emergency care, culture and other important aspects of our life that have become a "must" in the modern world. People will hardly survive in case of such a global catastrophe. The two most important communication tools are the Internet and the telephone. The well-being and smooth operation of our modern civilization increasingly depends on those two major branches of the communication industry. Should they fail to provide what they are expected to - and the world as we know it will perish overnight, look!

The telephone method of communications, which allows carrying out the sound over the wires and cables, made the first of greatest communication revolutions in business, military arts, emergency care and culture. The greatest changes iere brought to everyday life of millions of people. We are used to the fact that our every-day environment allows you to talk directly to anyone in any part of the world, be it your friends, family or your clients. But is has not always been so! We are used to quick, reliable and affordable communication means provided for us by telephone services and companies, which were made even more widespread and popular after the introduction of the mobile cellular telephony. It is not only quick, it is quite dependable too. A mobile telephone has come to be an important tool, one of the basic essentials of business and everyday life. Leaving aside all the multimedia features and functions of present-day mobile phones with their cameras, music players, GPS-systems, SMS-messages and you name it, we should definitely acknowledge total impossibility to carry own familiar business and other activities without communication benefits offered to us by modern telephony!

Even more amazing revolution was introduced into our modern life by superfast Internet communication methods and techniques. The Internet provides unheard before possibilities to communicate and disseminate information, including text, graphics and multimedia components through unbelievably cost-efficient, affordable and widely available technical means based on personal computers and networking. The introduction of the Internet communications was avalanche-like and captured the world by the storm. Using such means of communications, which has become available due to Internet, as Web-sites, e-mails, instant text messaging, blogging and social networks people can keep connected with other people, do business, look for information in all of possible formats (text, sound, streaming video, graphic images and so on) with ease and convenience that is unequalled through-out the known human history of civilization.

Taking into account the fact that the modern-day Internet access channels provide advanced enough broadband limit capacities for a comparatively negligible cost, the subsequent revolutionary idea was to combine these two means of the most popular modern communications: telephone and Internet connections. The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or the Internet Voice Communication has become the most recent and trendiest introduction among other cutting-edge communication techniques of our age. It is not surprising that the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has gained considerable popularity recently, and this popularity is destined to grow more and more with each year. The VoIP- based voice and video communications are as simple and convenient to use as traditional telephony, but they are much more advanced and much more economical. The VoIP-based telephony offers inter-city and inter-state or inter-continental voice-video communication at the fraction of the common cost of a telephone call. The efficiency of Internet based VoIP applications proved to be so amazing that now the traditional telephony commutation methods are under the threat of disappearance like the prehistoric dinosaurs! The advance of Internet telephony is sweeping and irrepressible!

The superiority of VoIP communications over the conventional telephone manifests itself in several advantages, inherent for VoIP but absent when we are making use of the common telephone, be it stationary or mobile. In the first place VoIP makes available for its users many features, which the latter cannot even dream about. Since VoIP is carrying on the voice communicating over the broad-band computer network channels (commonly referred to as the Internet), the sound waves of the user's speech are digitized and encoded into digital packages before being transmitted to the other person, where the process is repeated in reverse in other to obtain the sounds and speech in their most distinct and understandable format. Thanks to this precise conversion of the voice signals into digital format and then back again, the loss of sound quality is practically absent and in comparison with a conventional telephone communication over the traditional line the sound comes out crystal clear, there is simply no comparison with sound quality of conventional phone transmission.

Another advantage of the VoIP PC applications is there ability to support web-cameras, giving the users possibility to see each other in the course of conversation and easily arrange videoconferences between several persons! Besides, the most advanced and popular VoIP PC clients support instant messaging function. In order words, beside the telephone-like voice communications the users can enjoy instant exchange of text messages and medium-sized files, for instance, graphics!

But it should be remembered that besides crystal clear voice communications, instant messaging and video conferences functions there is another great attraction that VoIP provides - it is its unmatched cost efficiency as compared to conventional telephony! For example, the VoIP communication between two PC users through the Internet is totally free of charge; the users have to pay to their ISP for the traffic used or according to a flat unlimited rate and that is all. The calls from a VoIP client to mobile or stationary phones are not totally free, but a person can make long distance calls to any other place in the world at just a fraction of the conventional telephone company rate! The savings are tremendous! So, the traditional telephony nowadays is not a competitor to a VoIP communications: the VoIP calls are much faster, clearer and much cheaper! Each month, when paying your telephone bills you will experience all the joys of making huge savings on using VoIP instead of the regular telephone line.

For businesses, private, social and governmental organizations introduction of VoIP services provides other advantages too. Any organization of considerable size requires a PBX system for efficient communications. This establishment can save considerable funds by switching its communications to VoIP services to replace its regular telephone lines, and purchase a hardware-software VoIP PBX system, which is also much less expensive and much more consistent. A VoIP PBX hardware-software package provides the same functionality as the conventional telephone PBX, but at considerably less costs and with all revolutionary advantages of the modern VoIP possibilities included as a bonus, when the communications are done through the internet rather than through the telephone line, bringing additional functionality, like video conference, instant messaging and others.

So, taking into account the growing popularity of VoIP services, which are in great demand in today's times, a lot of ISP began to offer additional VoIP functionality to numerous business and private users. The professional specialization in the field of marketing the VoIP services to those users interested in VoIP has become one of the hottest in the employment market. A lot of IT professionals are seriously considering taking up a VoIP system for home and business users as their career path. What they need to achieve this goal is to obtain professional training in setting up, operating and maintenance of VoIP systems, both hardware and software-wise.

Cisco Training Courses, being the best IT industry training program in all aspects of networking technologies, provide several most reputed and most sought-after training programs for VoIP system professionals. For instance, one of the most popular nowadays is the Asterisk VoIP Hosted PBX.

Cisco training courses for Asterisk VoIP Hosted PBX technicians provides its trainees with all the necessary materials and skills, required for efficient setting up, operating and maintenance of the Asterisk VoIP Hosted PBX hardware and software components in different types of environments and conditions. It should be realized that Asterisk VoIP Hosted PBX was developed with medium and large size organizations in mind in order to satisfy fully their communication needs and requirements. On the other hands it can be quite well adopted for smaller establishments and firms, if need be.

Cisco training courses will instruct their trainees in all essential details of the various VoIP PBX system modifications, its hardware components and additional software utilities, as well as integration of all the phone lines in the organization into a single channel. The superb functionality of Asterisk VoIP Hosted PBX provides for fast and simple usage of the local LAN and the Internet access to route the incoming and outcoming calls, faxes etc.

Asterisk VoIP PBX is a powerful communication tool in both hardware and software respects, specifically developed to meet in plenty all imaginable communication needs of even a large scale business establishment or some other kind of organizations.

For any IT professional, thinking about VoIP as a career path, it should be highly recommended to consider taking up one of accredited Cisco VoIP Training Courses. Besides the high professional standing and repute of all Cisco training courses, this particular program concentrates on the hands-on experience in using the Asterisk VoIP Hosted PBX, besides the theoretical part. The demand for VoIP specialists will inevitably grow in the foreseeable future - such is the conclusion made by all experts for employment market projections - so the perspectives for VoIP specialist career are the most promising among others in IT industry.

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