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Designers' Clues for Small Bathroom Designs

autor: Camille Leroux

The majority of people with small bathrooms in their houses will want to possess a larger one but it is impossible. To turn a small bathroom into a attractive one is to make it look more spacious. Transform a small bathroom design into something that look visually larger -

Here are several bathroom ideas to think about...

Reduce Clutter: Keep your bathroom in order and avoid the items that are not very necessary in the small sized bathroom. At first you should study all your personal and hygiene items. What is out of date? What is there for an accident only? What could be stored in other places? According to your personal demands, define what have to be in the bathroom for you to be practical and what's just unnecessary. Certain bathroom accessories are able to turn the place into crammed one.

Size of Fixtures: Fixtures typically are of average sizes but in case you have a sink set in a large vanity or a large bath, think about other ways of designing. May be instead of the basin and vanity combo, replace the current basin by a freestanding fixture. This will visually widen the area and is a usual solution being accepted by lots of professional designers. Another idea during renewal is to get rid of large bathtub and replace it with a standing shower enclosure. These small bathroom tips may not be a variant if you utilize the bathtub constantly but in some houses this may be a perfect way out to make more usable space.

Corner Space: Corner spaces are rather often don't use the advantage of the majority of small bathroom designs. These spaces are excellent for corner vanity unities and basins and storage units too. Don't forget that if you are changing the location of an current sink, relocating the plumbing can cost money. Think about the advantages and disadvantages of this solution to specify if the final result is worth the spent money.

Vertical Space: Take a good use of the vertical space accessible in your small bathroom. Instead of a vanity unit think about installing a tall storage cabinet. This will give you additional space by taking up the same squares of floor space. A vertical rack for drying towel is also a great way out. This will provide you with more area for your towels without taking up the whole length of wall.

Avoid Bulky Storage Cabinets: Storage cabinets of too large size can add much of visual weight to a small bathroom. In case a storage space is a desirable point in your room think over the built-in units. This can mean the installation of either a full height cabinets or open nooks or shelves. Specify the place of the wall studs lay in the room and you'll get the perfect area for installing built-in units.

Lighting: Installing sufficient lighting levels may look like simple addition to any small bathroom renewal project. In general total lighting consider recessed ceiling fixtures. This type of fixture is an excellent way to increase the height of the ceiling. Surface mounted fixtures together with hanging pendants can create the ceiling look lower and the space atmosphere more crammed.

Think about wall sconces or a clean line track light system in case there is a freestanding sink with no vanity. Don't stick to bulky fixtures that may look too heavy for the small space.

Vanity units as well as storage ones can be a nice location for accent lights. Lightning system will add some feeling of light to the room.

One of the great idea for every small bathroom is natural light. If this is an opportunity in your space, install a window or skylight.

Materials & Finishes: To turn a bathroom into larger one use lighter and more subtle shades while choosing paint, wallpaper, and tile. Wallpaper can add a beautiful stroke to a bathroom but don't overdo with using big, busy patterns. Instead, pick a smaller pattern with a tone on tone shade palette. Get one wall covered with wallpapers and the rest just paint of similar color.

To make the ceiling look higher pick a white or off white paint shade. If white is not suitable for your theme, pick a paint color that is some shades lighter than the color of the walls.

After what was said light or darker colors can for sure be used in the color palette of a small sized bathroom. Try mixing the use of darker colors in accents. This may consist of accent wall tiles, towels, soap dispensers and any other items.

There are lots of various ways to combine the use of mirrors into a small area, which is another excellent way to visually widen small bathroom designs. Depending on the layout of your room think about installing a full height mirror on the whole wall; or bring a tile up the wall approximately 36" high and put a mirror from tile to ceiling.

Following these small bathroom tips you will be able to create your bathroom look visually larger than it is in reality!

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