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Everything About The Beauty And Functionality Of Different Kinds Of Bracelets

autor: Camille Leroux

Bracelets have been popular accessories not only among women but also among men for many years. And there're different reasons for such a popularity of bracelets, including their attractive look and the meaning put into each separate item. So, one of the most widely spread types of bracelets are jewelry bracelets which are in great demand nowadays and are worn by people living in many countries of the world. As a consequence, there're many purposes of wearing bracelets which mainly depend on the traditions and the customs of people wearing them. In order to better understand the usage of bracelets it's important to learn the most popular bracelet types, including charm bracelets, men's bracelets, fashion bracelets, friendship bracelets and. And of course, it's necessary to mention the short history of bracelets, read more:

The History of Jewelry Bracelets

The earliest jewelry bracelets were discovered by the Sumerians of Mesopotamia where women used these bracelets to broadcast the money of their husbands. Many Greek troops used also beautifully decorated leather bands which looked very much the same as the modern bracelets. Later, bracelets were given additional meaning mainly in terms of faith. During this period of time, jewelry bracelets were widely preferred by the ancient Egyptians. The bracelets were also widely used by the artists who used different materials including minerals, precious metals, and some organic and natural components. Since that time, bracelets have grown in use as accessory and symbol.

Popular Designer Bracelets

Designer bracelets are probably the most preferable among people all over the world as they are available in many different designs. Most of people select the bracelets which would be perfectly suitable for their clothing in order to express their individuality and taste.

Nowadays, designer bracelets can be produced from a great variety of materials. The best known fashion bracelet designs are: Link, Cuffs, Bangles, and Beaded. People choosing some definite type of bracelet intend to emphasize their outfit. Designer bracelets are available with beautiful gemstones, various colors and unique designs due to which they look fresh and trendy.

Luxurious Bracelets Will Impress Everyone Around!

Luxurious Bracelets offer both the symbolic meaning and stunning attractiveness what makes bracelets the most preferred accessories today. Returning to the history of symbolism, it's important to mention that earlier bracelets used to give the wearer luck and spiritual shelter. The main purpose of the trinkets on the bracelets is to identify spiritual and sometimes political viewpoints, family origin. But the meaning of charm bracelets differs depending on the ornaments depicted on them. However, these bracelets are extremely beautiful and stylish. Charm bracelets took their beginning in the late 19th century with Queen Victoria and since that time became very fashionable among young people in North America in the mid of the twentieth century.

Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets have become of great demand lately. These are available in a wide choice of models and symbolize the bond between best friends. The most popular friendship bracelets have the form of an stitched band or thread. They can be produced from different materials such as gold, copper, and silver. The first friendship bracelets were embroidered ones which took their beginning as a Native American handcraft and Central American tradition. They can be worn by both men and women. Their greatest advantage is the low price, symbolic meaning, beauty and just fun. Two close people have to wear a friendship bracelet until the strings give up and the accessory falls off by itself. It symbolizes great love and respect for a friend, and premature removing usually means that the friendship will be soon broken.

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