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Tips On Buying The Appropriate Step Stool For Your Kitchen

autor: Camille Leroux

The modern market offers a great variety of different types and models of step stools which are meant to be used in the kitchen. Wooden step stools, metal step stools, plastic step stools, as well as folding step stools can be easily found. However, not all people know how should a correct step stool be chosen and what should be considered.

What step stool will be more useful in your kitchen? Well, it is determined by the features of different step stools. First of all, it's necessary to answer the question "What would I like to accomplish in my kitchen?" secondly, you'll have to pay attention to the functions, quality and features of the considered step stool. If you do everything correctly you'll undoubtedly purchase the best step stool for your kitchen. And certainly it's extremely important to be aware of the most popular kinds of step stools.

Plastic Step Stools

Most of plastic step stools have a single piece construction. There're also such plastic step stools which require less storage space. Probably, the most popular of these is the Rubbermaid brand step stool. It can be purchased in numerous local stores, in hardware or a department store and it isn't expensive. However, before buying this kind of stool, check up its load rating for it to meet your needs.

Metal Step Stools

The second kind of step stools is the metal step stool. There're different shapes and sizes which can be produced by numerous manufacturers. The main disadvantage of these stools is the rubber pads on the bottom of the legs. They are meant to prevent a person from slipping, but they usually easily and quickly wear out, so that the stool gets extremely slippery. Another drawback of the metal step stool is the welds it constantly supports, the metal can break, crack or bend under the weight. This kind of stool is considered to be dangerous and unsafe.

Folding Step Stools

Folding step stool is the third kind of stools. These stools are extremely popular due to their low price and compact size. Besides, they can be folded and easily transported. One can easily find this folding step stool in such a store as Lowes or Home Depot and in department stores including Target and Wal-Mart. However, purchasing this kind of step stool remember that it has a limited load rating from 150 to 225 pounds. So, if you're carrying something heavy and try to climb it, you risk to find yourself on the floor. In this way, if you're looking for a safe step stool, be aware that a folding step stool can't guarantee to keep anyone safe, as it's not stable.

Wooden Step Stools

Finally, let's talk about the wooden step stools. Many people are sure that this kind of step stool is the safest one for their kitchen. Well, it's true to say that this step stool is lighter and smaller, so it can be easily dragged by children around the kitchen. This is the reason why most of kids' step stools are really wooden, but they also have a maximum load rating of about 150 pounds. Being made of wood, it still can't guarantee safety for you and your children. So, before buying this kind of stool, check whether it is stable and sturdy enough.

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